In Cabo4rentals we understand the requirements of our clientele and I we are pleased to

offer the following service plan for Homeowners in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Property Maintenance for your Los Cabos Vacation Home includes but is not limited to:
Accounting Services:
We will work with a joint bank account, that you choose which we´ll be used
 only to administrate your property. That way, you can transfer funds to the joint
account whenever is needed, in order to cover all the bills and utilities.
• Will request a monthly upfront payment to cover all monthly fixed fees, including the
property management fees, HOA dues, dues, etc. This upfront payment
amount is to be determined upon review of the current property accounting. Final billing will
occur on the 30th of each month or before if needed.
*Once a week  Visual Walkthrough: I will walk your home
 to ensure that everything is in order, is secure and that the home is in good
condition. If required, I will request additional cleaning services or place a work
order to repair or replace anything that needs attention.
*Will provide the Homeowner with a report of all completed
work orders, open jobs, home inspections, etc, whenever the owners ask for one, with pictures of before and after.
*Will be present if any thirdparty company is required to do repairs, carpentry, plumbing, fumigation, etc.
* For homes with (Pool/Jacuzzi) – will contact you with a Pool supplier and
will supervise him frequently. In case some maintenance parts are needed, we will contact
you for buying authorization.
Inventory Control: Will maintain a complete inventory and control of all cleaning
supplies, extra parts, batteries, light bulbs, faucet parts and general maintenance etc. being
stored at your home. This will be submitted to the Homeowner upon request.
* (Upon Request )Housekeeping Service: Staff will provide basic home cleaning services, including
vacuuming, sweeping, making beds, cleaning kitchen counters and stove top, dish washing,
sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning bathtubs, showers, commodes, organizing vanity, disposing
of trash in trash receptacles, etc. Housekeeping service can be available at the Homeowner’s
convenience between 8:00 am and 4:00 PM.
In-Depth Prior to arrival or Departure Cleaning Service: Your home will be thoroughly cleaned
before you arrive or upon departure in preparation for the next arrival.
*All housekeeping services are at an extra cost.
Additional Ownership Management Services Available*

• TV & Satellite Service* – We can coordinate the installation of your satellite TV. Monthly
utility Payments are made with the rest of your bills.
• Internet Services* – We coordinate the installation of your phone line. Service paid on a
monthly basis and included with telephone bill.
• Painting & Carpentry* - Depending on the job performed or requested
• Furniture Moving Services* - When needed to move heavy objects, move furniture into
protected areas such as patio or terrace furniture, hang pictures, etc. (handyman jobs)
*Fees for these services will be billed separately.
Hurricane and Storm Preparedness

If required In the event of a hurricane,  Will provide hurricane preparation assistance. This service
includes shielding appliances and furniture by moving them to a protected area(s), removing
carpets from floors,  ensuring that exterior items are stored to
prevent window breakage. We will also ensure that water storage tanks are full prior to the storm
and propane tanks are closed.
This service will also include returning all appliances, carpets, interior and exterior furniture to their
original location after the hurricane. Occasionally a hurricane may cause flood damage. In the event
that there is flood damage to the home or immediate storm repairs are needed, an Emergency Fee
may be applicable in order to clean, repair and prevent further damage.
*There is an additional fee for hurricane shutter installation as well as hurricane preparedness.
• All repairs, replacement parts and third-party installation costs will be billed separately in
your monthly statement.
• Business hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday,
 Saturdays off and Sundays from 8 am  to 12 pm.
Property Management Cost upon request
( in addition If owner wants to rent the house by week or month, we will take care of finding you a good tenant. and continue doing property management. Contact us  for more information)